Curatorial Statement

Our new reality is probably far from what we had imagined. We had been exploring every new material and technology as soon as they become available. We had our minds put in the future in which we would find answers to our doubts and problems if we focused on what new science had to offer.

The lockdown experience sort of putting us back in a place of reflection, we were somehow forced to slow down and think. Watch, observe. What started as an annoying moment turned out to be perfect timing for taking a pause, looking around us, and seeing the myriad of possibilities and all the fulfillment that simple things could provide. Maybe it is time to go back to basics, if not forever, for a while. Time to use our creativity and apply it to our immediate world, use what is there for us to re-think, re-use, recycle, see with new eyes what has always been there in front of us.… We probably thought we had all the answers, but maybe we needed to change the questions.

Studio la Cube is questioning mankind’s relation to nature, by domesticating the raw and unpolished through shaping Jesmonite into side tables looking like rocks. Julia Esque’s mirror has five planes bent in stainless steel. In consequence, each face interprets a new reality, reflecting unpredicted views of the surrounding environment. Ines Sistiaga with her hand-tufted wall pieces is embracing the intuitive, by transforming her quick doodles into textile wall pieces through her time-consuming techniques.

"There is [the desire to seek] innovation within the realm of heritage and tradition; there is a lot of re-using or recycling of materials; there is some spontaneity in the way bits and pieces are put together; and there is a little political statement too." - Ana Dominguez Siemens, Curator



Belén Moneo
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