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The “Designer Dashboard” allows designers to upload and manage their entire inventory in all aspects. When a piece has been submitted, it will state “Pending Review” and the ADORNO team will edit your uploads. Designers are required, at all times, to keep the inventory of the pieces presented up to date.

Information required:

  • Title of the piece
  • Description
  • Category
  • Design class
  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Production year
  • High quality imagery from all angles
  • Sales price
  • Inventory / Stock
  • Production time (For made to order items)
  • Weight & dimensions of the shipping box
If your piece is made to order:
  1. Please start producing the piece according to the estimated production time you have submitted when uploading.
  2. Please inform us as soon as possible, in case your production has delays.
When you have the piece in stock:
  1. Pack the piece safely according to the guidelines. If your packaging is not following the standard, insurance will not cover any eventual damages.
  2. Print, fill out, and sign the certificate of authenticity and include it inside the box.
  3. Reply to this email with your preferred pick-up day and time slot (minimum 3 hours).
Photos of packaging
  1. Take photos of the inside padding of the box/crate to show the internal protection and stability of the piece.
  2. Take photos of the outside structure of the box/crate to show that it is free of any damages.
  3. Quickly describe to us how the item has been packed.
  4. Reply to this email with the photos and description.
Shipping labels:
  1. Print 3 copies of the shipping label and commercial invoice found in your “Dashboard” under “Sales”.
  2. Print 1 copy of the Artist Declaration form found in your “Dashboard” under “Sales” and sign it.
  3. Hand over the box and the printed documents to the courier when they arrive.

The designer will suggest the sales price when submitting pieces for review. If the ADORNO Sales Team believes there is reason for adjustments, we will return with our suggestion and have a conversation about it. As we share the same interest in selling the piece, it is vital that ADORNO and the designer can agree on prices that are suitable and matching the market value. If it is not possible to agree on the price, ADORNO holds the right to not publish the piece for sale. Besides looking into our sales history, we are using the following parameters when validating the price: 

  1. Cost of materials
  2. Cost of production
  3. Cost of packaging
  4. Cost of working hours
  5. Level of experience
  6. Limitation & aesthetic value of the piece
  7. ADORNO Commission Fee
  8. Negotiation Margin*

Members operate as independent legal entities on the ADORNO Platform as either private individuals or a registered company owned by the Member. This means that the purchase of piece(s) conducted through the platform is a direct transaction between the individual member/company and the Buyer.

You are selling the piece directly to the buyer at the full price listed online. When a sale goes through, ADORNO issues a receipt to the Buyer, on behalf of you, replacing the need for you to invoice the Buyer.

If you need to make an invoice for your accounting, you can find the order information, including the customer’s name, in the confirmation email, or in your “Dashboard” under “Sales”.

When the order is successfully completed, ADORNO automatically transfers your share to your bank account, and provides you with a receipt for our commission fee.
You can then use this receipt from us to book as an expense, to account for the lower amount paid out to you – compared to the full price stated on your own invoice.
Under the “Shipping” tab, we need your full legal company name in the first field (or full name if you are conducting business as a private individual).
Under the “Payment” tab, you can select whether you are selling as a private individual or Business/Sole-trader/Organisation, and fill out your bank details below accordingly.
Finally, we need you to upload the following documents about you / your company at the bottom of the “Payment” tab.
1. Identity proof (Required for all account types)
(A color-picture or scan of the Passport or Drivers License of the legal representative entered above)
2. Proof of Registration* (Required for Businesses, Organisations, and Sole Traders)
A legal document issued by your government showing the company name, and the name of the Legal Representative
(Less than three months old – This can also be a screenshot from the government’s website, as long as there is a date)
3. Articles of association* (Required for businesses and organizations)
(A signed document that specifies the regulations for your company’s operations and purpose)
*Please note that an official translation to English or French is required if the document is not in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, or Portuguese.
For further details about the documents we accept per country please check this page.

At ADORNO, we encourage everyone to have public pricing to maintain a level of transparency. This has proven to increase sales across all price ranges. However, we know that some pieces, especially in the higher price ranges, or with special requirements, are less suitable for showing the price publicly. In these situations, you can hide the price when uploading the piece.

We are not asking for exclusivity on the pieces you sell on ADORNO. We only ask you not to sell the pieces at a lower price anywhere else. If you are exhibiting a specific piece at one of ADORNO’s own physical exhibitions, we are asking for 6 months of exclusivity.

Both ADORNO and the Member hold the right to lower the retail price by a maximum of 30% under the following circumstances: 

  • The buyer is a professional interior designer/architect buying for trade,
  • The buyer in question is a renowned collector / frequent buyer, 
  • The buyer wishes to buy several pieces, or 
  • The buyer has a large follower base and can strengthen the brand of the Member and ADORNO. 

Discounts are applied by issuing a discount code to the buyer, which can be created by ADORNO or the Member through their “Dashboard”. Two types of discount codes can be created:

  • Shared Discount Code:
    The discount is deducted from both ADORNO’s and the Member’s Commission.
  • ADORNO Discount Code:
    The entire discount is only deducted from ADORNO’s Commission.

Both Shared Discount Code and ADORNO Discount Code can be used in conjunction with another, inflicting a maximum reduction of 15% from the Member’s Commission, unless otherwise agreed upon.

If you have produced pieces earlier that have already been sold, you can still list it for sale on ADORNO as long as you have good pictures of the piece. 

In order to list a piece as “made to order” you simply have to set the stock level to “0” and “allow made to order”, under “inventory” when you upload your piece. 
Below these fields you can submit how many weeks it will take for the piece to be produced – From when the order arrives until it is packed and ready for shipping. 

Please note that long lead times (more than 4 weeks) will dramatically reduce your chances of selling.

The platform has an inbuilt messaging function where clients can reach out to you with questions and offers. You can use this chat do discuss special commissions, provide offers, and answer any specific questions they might have.

Our Sales Team will monitor conversations, and jump in if needed. We ask you to answer inquiries from clients within 24 hours.

Although we can’t guarantee sales, we can share with you the best practice for increasing your chances of selling.  

Upload new pieces regularly:
Doing so will put your new pieces at the top of the frontpage and several sections across the platform, in our weekly newsletter going out to 90.000 subscribers, and across our social channels. This is a great way for you to launch new releases, which oftentimes also will get covered by the press.

Keep a broad price range:
By uploading a broader range of work from your practice – in different price ranges – you will also reach a broader segment of buyers and take up more space on the platform. Remember, that the pieces do not have to be in stock, you can simply upload the information and insert the estimated production time.

Update stock or reduce your lead times:
Items in stock have a 62% higher chance of selling. If you have recently restocked any pieces already uploaded, take 45 seconds to update the stock in your dashboard. Why? This triggers an email to our subscribers and also brings your piece into the “Ready to ship” category across the platform. Production times of more than 4 weeks usually prevent a lot of buyers from placing the order.

Send us new images & videos:
Create and send us new images or videos of your work, and our content production team can edit the footage into engaging social media content to be shared across our social media channels.

Keep your information accurate and descriptive:
Great imagery, detailed descriptions, and correct specifications are key for selling online. Make sure that your piece is presented in the best way possible with all the necessary information.

Ask us for advice: 
There are many factors that affect sales – If you haven’t received any sales or inquiries yet, contact us for a meeting so we can analyse your stats, product pages, pricing, and overall showroom. Together we can create a plan to increase your exposure and sales! Here’s your direct link to log back online and keep your inventory up to date:

Our platform is applying the right VAT rate for you according to international tax rules, based on your shipping address and the Buyer’s location. Below is a summary of how VAT / sales taxes apply:

Domestic sales (B2B/B2C) = VAT is applied
Intra EU (B2C) = VAT is applied
Intra EU (B2B) = No VAT applied (Reverse charge)
Different non EU countries (B2B/B2C) = No VAT/Sales tax applied
US same state (B2C) = Sales Tax Applies
US same state (B2B resale) = No sales tax applies
US different state = No Sales Tax applies

The tax rate that applies is shown in your dashboard next to the product price when editing pieces. If you are registered to charge artist taxes (a reduced rate) you can select this when uploading.

When a transaction occurs on the platform, the share of the sale belonging to the Member will automatically be transferred to a secure digital wallet, where it will be held in escrow until the order has been successfully completed. Only when the entire order has successfully arrived at the Buyer and when any return rights are over, the order will be considered as successfully completed.


All costs related to shipping are calculated and paid entirely by the Buyer at checkout unless the Buyer has been offered discounted or free shipping by ADORNO.

ADORNO’s Global Shipping Solution is a service provided by ADORNO to the Members and Buyers on the platform. The service ensures that our customers will get direct access to ADORNO’s negotiated rates, and for Members to arrange shipments as easily as possible.

You are responsible for printing all the necessary shipping documents including labels, commercial invoice, certificate of authenticity, and applying them safely on the box(es) in transparent plastic envelopes. Ordering pickups and printing all necessary documents can be done from the “Orders” section in the “Designer Dashboard”.

You are responsible for packing the piece according to the general packing guidelines. The Designer knows best how fragile the pieces are, so besides following the guidelines, we are asking the Designer to use common sense and protect the most fragile parts.

If a piece is damaged during shipment, the Buyer has the rights to: 

  1. Have a replacement piece delivered if possible
  2. Return the piece for repair if possible
  3. Cancel the order for a full refund

During shipment, all pieces are insured, but the insurance will only cover if the piece was packed safely according to the general packing guidelines. This is why we assess the damages based on two scenarios:

  1. If damage occurred clearly because of a faulty produced piece, or insufficient packaging, the Designer will cover the return and repair costs.
  2. If damage occurred clearly during the shipment, despite sufficient packaging, the insurance of ADORNO will cover any return and repair costs.

If the Buyer regrets their purchase, the cost of return shipments is paid by the buyer. If the buyer wants to return the piece because it didn’t live up to the information provided by the Designer, the cost of return shipments is paid by the Designer. A return label will be issued by ADORNO, and the price of the product(s) should be refunded to the Buyer within 14 days after the Designer has received the design piece. The return shipping costs will be automatically charged from either the Designer’s or the Buyer’s refund.

To comply with European return right standards for selling goods online, all Designers, no matter nationality, must comply with the 14-day return rights period. As an exception, ADORNO does not accept returns for made to order pieces.

Currently, we do not support the option for Members to add a separate crating fee, so you will have to include it in the price of the piece. The function of adding the crating cost as a separate fee is in the pipeline and will be launched soon.

At ADORNO, we have spent a lot of effort building our shipping solution which can calculate import costs, and our Shipping Team is in charge of all import related processes. If a piece is imported to another jurisdiction, we will make sure that the right documents are submitted, and the right declaration is performed. 

Customers have the option of paying import costs upfront, or upon delivery. 

When your order is packed and ready for shipping, ADORNO’s Sales Team can order a pickup from your location. You just have to send an email to with the order number, amount of packages, weight & dimensions of the packages and your pickup address, in case it differs from the one in your dashboard. You will also receive instructions on how to do this in the order notification email. Soon you will be able to order pickups directly from your dashboard.

Alternatively, you can drop-off the package at one of your nearest locations, depending on the shipping provider we use for your order.


The profile is your public showroom on ADORNO where individual designers can present themselves as the artists they are. It is where design collectors, enthusiasts and professionals can go to get a better understanding of the work and career of a designer, including reading their Bio and CV as well as viewing a broader selection of the works the artist produces and sells.

You can always visit your profile from the member menu at the top right of the main menu, and by clicking “Edit profile”. We encourage all members to add a cover photo, a profile picture and fill out the CV section as much as possible, as this is something buyers are looking into when considering the purchase. 

Under “Pieces” in your “Dashboard” you can upload and edit all pieces. The uploading page has several fields which are all required and important for us to sell your work. Each section of the upload form has a help function where you can learn more about what to submit. You can always unpublish pieces temporarily, or remove them completely if necessary. 

If you have a piece which can be purchased with several variations, please upload an image of each variation, describe their differences in the description, and our team will configure the options before publishing the piece. Pieces with variations will have to be edited by ADORNO, and if you need assistance updating information please reach out to

Your profile/showroom: 
All your published pieces will be visible in your profile.

The Front Page:
We are updating the front page frequently, to include new and featured work. If you upload new work, you have a better chance of getting featured on the front page. Alternatively, you can purchase one of our Editorial Feature Campaigns, to be highlighted in several sections of the platform. Please reach out to our team for more information. 

Ready to ship:
This section is a dedicated page for pieces that are in-stock and ready to ship. Updating your stock will automatically bring your pieces into this section and thereby, enjoy more views.

The catalog is where customers are browsing the complete inventory of pieces based on the categories (Chairs, Tables, etc.) and specifications (Brass, Textile, etc.) you select when uploading.

Throughout the year, our Curation Team launches selections of pieces based on certain thematics to inspire customers. 

Studio Sales:
Throughout the year, we invite Members to join Studio Sales which have their own page and are promoted widely. The Studio Sale is a great opportunity to increase sales and sell out older pieces / prototypes stocked up.

Related pieces:
Each page presenting a piece has related pieces below, which are shown based on a combination of categories, price, specifications and location. 

If you have an upcoming exhibition, or are participating in a fair or similar, we can share this in our events section. If you upload the pieces on show, these will be featured in the events section and in our newsletter/social media. You can submit your show for review right here. 

Curated Collections:
If your piece is curated for a collection, it will get featured in the collection page, among the other designers from the collection. Each collection is curated based on a specific story or theme which is investigated and told through the collection, addressing certain topics relevant to the cultural scene in question.

Functioning as our in-house content production unit, ADORNO Editorial is an online magazine offering carefully crafted and curated profiles, perspectives, interviews, and news from highly creative minds offering our readers a more accessible, personal and comprehensive view into the world of contemporary design. This gives the designers of the collaboration a unique opportunity to tell the whole story behind their work, written by our Editorial Team and Guest Editors. 

If you would like to have your piece, collection or upcoming event featured in ADORNO Editorial, you can purchase a Feature Campaign, which will guarantee you more exposure. Please reach out to our Editorial Team to discuss your next feature. 

If you have an upcoming exhibition, or are participating in a fair or similar, we can share this in our events section. If you upload the pieces on show, these will be featured in the events section and in our newsletter/social media. You can submit your show for review right here. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to moderate your uploaded pieces. Our Sales Team will have a close look at the information provided and reach out to you if we have any specific questions. 

If you need the pieces to be published faster because of an event or a specific deadline, feel free to reach out. 

In certain cases you might want to offer discounts to your network, specific customers, or our clients in general. Both ADORNO and the Member hold the right to discount prices by a maximum of 30% under the following circumstances: 

  • The buyer is a professional interior designer/architect buying for trade,
  • The buyer in question is a renowned collector / frequent buyer, 
  • The buyer wishes to buy several pieces, or 
  • The buyer has a large follower base and can strengthen the brand of the Member and ADORNO. 

Discounts are applied by issuing a discount code to the buyer, which can be created through your dashboard, and provided to the customer. 

The discount is deducted with an equal % from both ADORNO’s and the Member’s Commission.

The “Designer Dashboard” allows you to upload and manage your entire inventory in all aspects. When a piece has been submitted, it will state “Pending Review” and the ADORNO team will review your uploads. We ask you to keep the inventory up to date at all times.

Information required:

• Title of the piece
• Description
• Category
• Design class
• Materials
• Dimensions
• Weight
• Production year
• High quality imagery
• Sales price*
• Inventory / Stock
• Production time (For made to order items)
• Weight & dimensions of the shipping box


The below services are currently what we offer as complementary promotion for your membership. When the services will be triggered depends on your activity throughout your Membership.




Campaign Length

New Member Feature

Complimentary campaign when you launch on ADORNO for the first time. 

1 post & 5 stories on Social Media

Featured in ADORNO’s Weekly Newsletter (XXX subscribers)

1 day

Exhibition Calendar

You can have your upcoming show featured in ADORNO Exhibition Calendar.

1 post & 1 story on Social Media

Featured in ADORNO’s Weekly Newsletter 

1 day

New Arrivals

Every time you publish new pieces on the platform, you get the chance to be featured on the front page.

1 post & 1 story on Social Media
Inclusion in Press Newsletter

Featured on front page

1 week

Trending on ADORNO

If you are very active on the platform or if your profile gets a lot of interest, your showroom is featured on the front page.

Featured on front page

1 week – 1 month

Inspiration Guides

Our Curation & Sales Teams create inspirational guides featuring pieces for ADORNO Designers.

1 post & 1 story on Social Media

Featured on front page

Featured in ADORNO’s Weekly Newsletter

1 week – 1 month

Studio Sale

Each quarter ADORNO organises a studio sale with a selection of ADORNO designers.

Extensive Social Media campaign

Featured in ADORNO’s Weekly Newsletter

3 weeks

Press Inquiries

Our PR Team handles all press requests on behalf of you and ensures that editors get the material they need – on time.

We make it easy for our network of more than 1600 design editors to request high-res images and information about your work.

Throughout your membership


Your ADORNO Membership gives you access to our network of 500+ Professional Buyers, including interior designers, retailers, and wholesale buyers.

Your work will be featured in custom catalogues and bespoke proposals.

Throughout your membership

ADORNO occasionally invites a handful of artists and designers to present their practice through a Solo Feature. An interview-based article, accompanied by an array of digital assets, and a comprehensive promotional campaign, allowing exclusive access to ADORNO’s global audience. The features we currently offer are listed below. If you are interested in a feature, please reach out to our Editorial Team. 




Campaign Length


Project Feature

A feature focusing on a single piece by ADORNO designers. Shorter text accompanied by strong imagery.

1 post & 1 story

Featured on front page

Featured in ADORNO’s Weekly Newsletter

1 day


Solo Feature

A feature about new and bigger projects by ADORNO designers. An in-depth written article about the project and the studio.

2 posts & 4 stories

Press Release

Featured on front page

Featured in ADORNO’s Weekly Newsletter

3 days


Video Feature

A feature about new and bigger projects by ADORNO designers. An in-depth written article about the project and the studio + an edited video interview based on footage you provide. You get to use the video for your own purposes.

2 image posts, 1 video post & 4 stories

Press Release

Featured on front page

Featured in ADORNO’s Weekly Newsletter

7 days


Influencer Collabs

Gain access to broader audiences with 1-on-1 collaborations with industry influencers in bespoke campaigns.

1+ Posts, Stories, & other content across various platforms



We are updating the front page frequently, to include new and featured work. If you upload new work, you have a better chance of getting featured on the front page.

Alternatively, you can purchase one of our Feature Campaigns, to be highlighted in several sections of the platform. Please reach out to our team for more information. 

Through exhibitions and activities of ADORNO, we have established close relationships with selected press outlets. Working with two London-based agencies, we have built our own list of journalists, who are writing about our collections on a frequent basis. 

For collections, we are targeting specific magazines, with tailored press releases and IG live stream collaborations. 

Our bi-weekly press digest, going out to 4000 contacts, is not only ensuring that pieces get published in online magazines, but also in the printed press and trend books.

ADORNO has been widely featured in magazines and blogs like Dezeen, How to spend it, Sight Unseen, AD, Elle Decor, RUM, Aquitetura y Diseno, Monocle, Icon, Casa Vogue, DAMN, Pin Up, Design Milk, and Say hi to_,. On average, our exhibitions usually receive around 80 pieces of press.

We have established close relationships with some of the world’s best interior designers, and companies through our trade program ADORNO PRO. Our level of customer service has made us the premium destination for Design- and Art Professionals to source one-of-a-kind and limited edition collectible design.

We assist our PRO clients throughout the order process, providing transparent quotes with beneficial pricing, product information, lead times, and shipping costs door-to-door.

We are sending out personalised look-books for their projects, and facilitate bespoke requests no matter if it is 30 lamps for a boutique hotel, or a special chair for a collector’s home.

ADORNO has grown a narrow and targeted audience of cosmopolitan design and art lovers spanning the ages of 20-60 with the majority of customers in the age of 30-40. While our follower base is spread across all continents, most live in larger cities including New York, London, Paris, Mexico City and Sao Paulo. However, the majority of our customers are based around the capitals of Europe and the US.

Selected numbers: (Jan 2023)


36.000 Monthly Unique Visitors / 120.000 monthly pageviews


57.000 Followers / 1.5m monthly impressions


8.000 Followers / 300.000 monthly impressions


3400 followers / 800.000 monthly impressions


96.000 subscribers / 34% open rate

Over the years, ADORNO has built a global network of leading design curators who invite designers and Members to take part in our country collections and exhibtions.

You can always reach out to us to express your interest in being featured in one of these collection/exhibitions.

We know, organic traffic is the best, but ads are also doing their job. When we launch new collections, and paid Feature Campaigns, we are making targeted ads, pushing content to lookalike audiences. We have been doing this for many years, so the amount of data we have is ensuring that we are pushing the right work to the right audience, based on detailed demographics.

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
    We use retargeting ads to remind people of what they forgot in cart, not only on FB and IG but across many many partner apps and websites.
  • Google Ads & SEO
    We are mostly using Google Ads when launching country specific collections and exhibitions, but search engine optimisation is something we do everyday, resulting in more than 50% of our visitors coming from Google Search.
  • Pinterest Ads
    Pinterest is still the preferred platform for moodboards, and wishlists. That’s why we are automatically posting and promoting pieces in their feeds.
  • Influencer marketing
    Influencers are style icons, and trendsetters, and important allies of ADORNO. When the occasion is right, we gift the right piece to the right influencer, and receive posts in return.

Learn more about paid on-demand features here.


You are part of an international network of leading curators and designers from central design scenes across the globe, working at the intersection of design, art, and crafts.

The designers and artists of the collaboration are all part of shaping the design scenes which they are a part of and beyond. By creating an international network, the goal is to give talented designers a stronger voice as artists in order to communicate their work, strengthen their position in the international design market, and expand the business of the designers to new buyers, segments, and markets.

You are curated and presented as part of the design scene you work in and see yourself as part of, together with a selection of designers from the same scene. The goal is to provide nuanced insight into the trends and ideas populating and shaping each scene. The presentation and promotion of the designers, their work, and the stories behind their practice is organised through ADORNO’s digital platform and social media channels as well as ADORNO Editorial and design exhibitions arranged at larger design weeks.

ADORNO is committed to presenting contemporary, now-living designers and artists that work independently, as part of a group/design studio producing in-house, or in collaboration with craftspeople and smaller specialised workshops. All designers have a resilient, ongoing practice and proven importance to the local design scene of which they are a part of.

As a designer, you will find yourself among both established names and emerging talents at the cusp of their careers, ensuring each collection is a snapshot of the people, techniques, styles and thinking that define the modern making culture of each region. With each collection launch, ADORNO adds a new chapter to the global design story.

ADORNO showcases only unique or limited-edition contemporary works, spanning the fields of furniture, textiles, lighting, ceramics, sculpture and design-art. The curatorial approach varies from collection to collection – just as design culture varies from community to community – but every object featured is contemporary in style, experimental in approach, and exceptional in material quality. 

We classify the pieces in 3 different categories:


Pieces produced in one example, could be a prototype, an exhibition piece, or similar, but, most importantly, one-piece-only (a series of products with variations, such as shape or colours, within the collection is always an open or limited edition).


Pieces produced in smaller scale and predefined to a maximum volume of ten pieces. These pieces should always be numbered, preferably directly on the piece or through a certificate stating the total amount of pieces made.


Pieces produced in an unlimited number, where production capacity is still either limited by materials, manpower, or volume, but still manufactured by the designers and/or in collaboration with local skilled craftspeople.

ADORNO is working with leading curators to make sure we maintain the highest level of design. Besides having designated curators in more than 30 countries, ADORNO also invites special, curated shows and projects to join the collaboration.

To sell on ADORNO, it is required for each designer or studio to have an active membership plan. The fee is paid by either the designer, funding bodies, or institutions and the membership runs on a yearly basis.

The ADORNO Membership fee is 40€ per month. ADORNO charges a fixed commission of 30%.

  1. Follow the link provided by the curator or ADORNO
  2. Select your password, and accept the Membership Agreement
  3. Submit your personal/company details, select the membership and proceed to checkout.
  4. Purchase your membership by adding your card details.
  5. Complete your profile by uploading images, Bio, Education, Shows, & Awards.
  6. Start uploading your pieces one by one, and submit them for review.
  7. Our team will review your uploads and you will receive a notification when your pieces are published. If you upload pieces as a part of a collection, or a feature, the pieces will not be published before the agreed launch date.

The services offered are tailored to assist ADORNO’s members within the following areas:


More than being an e-commerce gallery, ADORNO is a digital media production agency, focused on creating high-quality content about the designers it represents. We take our global audience on an immersive journey to meet our Designers through an array of multimedia formats tailored to your unique practice.


We promote our Designers across our network – starting on our platform and amplified through our network reaching an audience of more than 500k per month through social media campaigns, press releases, and email marketing.


On ADORNO you will always have a team member to reach out to. Our Curation Team is dedicated to guiding you through the onboarding process, ensuring you benefit the most from your Membership. In conjunction with the Sales Team, they will advise you on how to increase the visibility and the appeal of your showroom, and how to maximise your sales.

Technical Support

Our Designers receive newsletters regularly, specifically tailored to inspire and guide key moments throughout their life cycle on ADORNO. In addition to instructions on using the platform, analytics, useful information, and tips on how to benefit the most by utilising the platform, these newsletters contain added benefits and perks exclusive to members.


Your Membership on ADORNO gives you access to private collectors across +60 countries, a network of over 500 Professional Buyers, and wholesale order requests of +100 units. In addition, your pieces will be regularly featured in Inspiration Guides and bespoke solutions put together by our Sales Team to cater to specific project needs.


Our professional logistics team will handle all aspects of shipping, including finding the best rates, sending the courier to your door, customs clearances and duties, and any other issues that may arise.

ADORNO is an invite-only platform managed by our Curation Team and our international network of curators, to ensure we maintain the highest quality. To become a member of ADORNO, the designer or studio must be working independently at the intersection of design, art, and crafts, and create unique contemporary works, spanning the fields of functional art.

ADORNO spends considerable time and resources on curating, presenting, and promoting the members of the our community. In order for us to create the best results the initial term of the agreement is 12 months. After the initial 12-months, the membership will continue on a monthly basis and can be cancelled with a one-month written notice.

Your Membership takes effect on the date your first pieces are published on ADORNO, and will last for 12 months from that date.

Your Membership will automatically renew at the end of the 12 months unless terminated prior to this date.

The initial payment will actively enroll you on your membership plan, but the actual staring date will be from when your first pieces have been published online. So you can safely complete the sign-up now and take your time to get everything ready. Our Sales and Curation Team will have a close look at your uploads before publishing anything. 

If you would like to remove your profile, please reach out to and one of our team members will assist you. 

If you are within the first year of your membership, please note that your subscription will continue until the initial 12 months expire, but you can still hide your profile if needed.

To remove some or all of your pieces, this can be done one by one from your dashboard.

By agreeing to become a member of ADORNO, you are purchasing the right to sell on, and market your design pieces to ADORNO Clients.

The ADORNO membership agreement is signed electronically. When signed, the agreement it is entered between the Member and ADORNO owned by Adorno ApS, CVR.: 37549282, Fortunstræde 1 3th DK 1065 Copenhagen DENMARK. The Membership Agreement, which can be found here, formally specifies the services, rights, and obligations the two parties of the Agreement render to each other.

© Adorno 2023