The New Reality

Virtual Design Destination: The New Reality

You have been invited by your local curator to take part in the Virtual Design Destination by Adorno, launching during the London Design Festival September 12-20, 2020.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our reality. The virus doesn’t recognise country borders but political response and travel restrictions remind us of how separated we are by territories. Much like the virus, our cultures can cross any border and our increasing online presence brings us closer in the virtual world. An opinion, a call for action, a new idea, can be shared instantly by millions of people. The feeling of belonging to a local community is no longer only connected to a geographical region. A hashtag, a black square, or fake news has the power to revolutionise how we behave, consume, and socialise.

Issues arrive in all corners of the world and global action is needed more than ever. Yet, communities are turning their back to each other, structural racism is segregating countries and the proliferation of arms is peaking. We are all part of a global movement to desegregate, to rethink international cooperation, to protest against unfair behavior and stand up for our planet. What can the global design community do – together? As much as our cultures define our differences, as much do they have the power to bring us together. Our collective mind is key for effective and innovative solutions. Let’s use design as a tool to be that change we want to see.

In close collaboration with leading curators, Adorno invites the international audience of London Design Festival on a design journey through local cultures, by presenting extraordinary works conceived by experimental thinkers and practitioners who are part of a global, contemporary discourse.

Instead of presenting all collections at one physical exhibition, this project is challenging the way we normally experience design. Through immersive virtual environments, we will tune-in on one design community at a time during the festival 12.-20. September in collaboration with international and national media partners.

Each collection will include works created by up to 10 defining designers working at the intersection between design, craft, and art curated under a specific theme that puts “The New Reality” into perspective.

The narrative of the collection will be told through a balanced combination of 4 types of media:

Interactive exhibition environments

The 3D environment will tell the story of the collection as a whole, contextualised in a photo-realistic scenography inspired by the architecture or landscape of the respective design scene. It will be possible to access the virtual exhibition from any smartphone or laptop, to intuitively move around in the virtual space and get more information about the pieces and designers behind.

Marrakech, Morocco

Pieces visualised as detailed 3D models

Every piece will be digitalised as a material-true, 3D model. The 3D versions of the pieces will be used to place in the virtual environment, and besides that, we can use them to extract high-quality product images for digital marketing. Also the 3D models will allow the visitor to investigate every detail of the object and place it in their home with Augmented Reality to get a true feeling of dimensions and materiality.

Interviews & process films

By each piece in the environment, the visitors will be able to meet the designers through short films inviting them behind the scenes of the making process of the pieces presented in the collection. The films will be captured in the studios of the designers and edited by Adorno to adapt to the high demands of watching video online.

Editorial Articles

Articles about the collections and a selection of the designers from each scene will be published in Adorno Editorial. Our articles vary between in-depth essays and interviews featuring the curator’s and designer’s perspectives on their practices.

Official Virtual Program Partner:
London Design Festival 2020

Adorno London will be the first and only Virtual Design Destination during the London Design Festival 2020. With the absence of the London Design Biennale and the London Design Fair during this year’s Festival, Adorno will be the go-to destination for curated collectible design collections from over 16 global design scenes during the Festival. 

The Collections of the Virtual Design Destination will be promoted daily during the festival through the channels of LDF:

m. Page Views

International & National promotion and reach

The promotion of each collection will be planned and executed through the channels of Adorno and the media partners of the program. All the articles published, Livestream interviews, and social media coverage will increase the global awareness of the program and drive more traffic to the online exhibition.

What we need from you

To prepare the virtual exhibition we need you to provide the following material.

1. Product photos & Information

Upload at least 5 high-res images of each piece on white background from 4 angles + one close up. The images and information can be uploaded through the product upload form, in your designer dashboard after you sign up at the bottom of this page.

Title of the piece

By Designer Name

€ 9000 ex. VAT

Production time: 4 Weeks
Material: Citrine Stone, Mouthblown Glass
Dimensions: 45x28x32
Weight: 4kg

2. Taking photos for 3D

If your piece is a 3-dimensional object, we are able to automatically generate a 3D model from photos. In order to do that we need you to take around 60 images according to the guide below and upload the images to this Google Drive. Please Note: Do not move the piece when photographing. The pictures can be taken with a digital camera or a smartphone, and the space does not need to be empty.

Place your object where you are able to walk around it.

Make sure the object has light from all angles.

Take at least 60 images around the object from all angles without moving the object.

Make sure the object fills the camera frame.

3. Video Interview

As a part of the virtual exhibition, we will integrate short videos of you explaining about your practice.

  • Place your phone or camera in a fixed position in front of you.
  • Make sure the orientation of the camera is “Portrait”
  • Sit in the Studio / Workshop of where you usually work.
  • Introduce yourself and your practice
  • Elaborate on the ideas behind your piece
  • Talk for maximum 1 minute
  • Upload the video to your folder in this Google Drive

Note: If you have more videos from the production of your piece, please upload that as well.

Timeplan for preparing the collections

The production and launch of exhibiting the collections virtually will be organized based on the following time plan.
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