Modder Sculpture – Knowing When To Get Help
by Françoise Jeffrey Netherlands

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Soft minimalist ceramic sculpture.

Deep down you know when you need help.
This Modder is your loving reminder to ask for it.
In time this time.

About Françoise Jeffrey Ceramics

Handmade: Françoise Jeffrey’s objects are all handmade by me using the coil-building technique, an ancient craft that is as slow as it is meaningful for the artist. It gives space to practice intuition in both work and daily life. Through this intuitive process, the artist shapes perfectly imperfect pieces. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi and Françoise Jeffrey’s mother who showed her how to design a life that retains its beauty until the very end.

Timeless Designs: For Françoise Jeffrey, beauty in design is minimalistic, pure, and bold in a subtle way, making it timeless. So the studio’s pieces are earthy in color, organically shaped, preferably a bit bigger, and unglazed. Not only because glaze is often toxic, but because the artist loves the purity of the shape and texture of raw clay. Additionally, it allows for single-firing, which is more environmentally friendly.

This item does not hold water.


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Self-care: Françoise Jeffrey is a ceramic designer who started her journey into ceramics a year after her mother's passing. Providing a therapeutic outlet for her grief and a desire to slow down. Timeless & Intuitive Design: Françoise's work is profoundly intuitive, characterized by organic, hand-built forms that embody the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, celebrating both imperfection and the transience of life. Her ceramics are left unglazed to highlight the natural texture and purity of the clay, consciously avoiding toxic glazes. This choice offers a sustainable advantage, as each piece only needs to be fired once. The resulting earthy tones contribute to the timelessness of her pieces. Organic, Vulnerable, Powerful: Each creation is an ode to her mother and the courage she displayed throughout her life. That's why the names of her pieces start with 'Modder,' evoking the sound of 'mother' and meaning 'mud' in Dutch, the essence of clay. These names, combined with their organic forms, occasionally daring balanced compositions, and the unglazed surface, make her design pieces vulnerable yet powerful. Reflecting her personal journey of self-care. Echoing the need to reconnect with our true selves. If we only listened to our own nature – the only wisdom that truly matters – we could better care for ourselves and, consequently, for each other. Ceramic Loving Reminders: With her sculptural pieces, Françoise aims to inspire others to find strength and courage in their lives. "I like to think of my sculptures as loving reminders to prioritise self-care by always trusting your intuition. Just as my mother did. Just as I strive to do, every single day.
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