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Adrien Rovero

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Born in 1981, Adrien Rovero holds a Master’s in Industrial
Design from the ECAL/University of art and design Lausanne Switzerland.
Active in the realms of product and exhibition design, he opened his studio in Renens in 2006.

Adrien Rovero’s work is rooted in his keen observation of the details and needs of his surroundings. This inspires highly inventive  designs, as uncluttered as they are effective, and comprising a formal vocabulary built up out of assemblage, repurposing and shifting around shapes, materials, references and purposes.

The Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), the Grand-Hornu Images (Belgium), the CNAP (France), the Museum für Gestaltung (Switzerland) and the mudac (Lausanne) have acquired works by this young designer to add to their collections.


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Adrien Rovero

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