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Drawing upon founder Maddalena Forcella’s roots, Madda Studio elegantly melds her Italian design sensibility with traditional Mexican craftsmanship and materials to produce works of beauty and refinement.

Madda Studio formally began as a textile studio in 2017, taking up all the experience matured in Chiapas by Maddalena during 25 years of work with indigenous weavers and spinners, keeping as a priority the development of activities related to the transformation of the local wool and the natural dyes practice.

Early training in the restoration of archaeological sites in ancient Rome, and the study of Renaissance painting techniques marked in Maddalena a lively interest in the processes of transformation of materials, the techniques of preparing colors and pigments, which translates arriving in Mexico in the interest in the alchemy of natural dyes and artisanal processes.

In a world where ready-made, mass-produced and readily disposable items are abundant, we believe in the enduring quality, variability, and beauty of handcrafted goods.

Local economic development, cultural preservation, sustainability, and creating beautiful things are our pillars at Madda Studio.

We strive to create an environment of collaboration and creative energy. The skilled labor involved in every stage of our processes takes care and time. In our process no gesture is mechanical, no action routine; our work is dictated by creativity and passion.

Bridging the gap between our clients’ timelines and those of the communities we collaborate with in a way that aligns with their lifestyle and culture has been one of our greatest challenges. We take pride in connecting these two worlds and are continuously adapting the process.



1992- present Natural dye practice and workshops with teachers Michael Garcia, Ana Roquero, Androna Linartas.

1990-1994 Bachelor of Textile Design. Universidad Iberoamericana, México City.

1983-1987 Restoration work in several Archaeological sites of Rome, Italy.

1982-1983  Restoration internship at National Museum of Modern Art, Rome, Italy.

1977-1982 Classic-humanistic studies. Rome, Italy


Recent exhibitions – Individual
2017-2018 Centro Cultural Santo Domingo, Oaxaca.
2017 National Gallery of Jordania , Amman, Jordan.
2017 Byblos Cultural Center, Lebanon.
2016 Gallery 391 Meil 393, Beirut, Lebanon.
2016 Samsun Museum, Samsun, Turkey.
Galeria de Bellas Artes, Mersin, Turkey.
2015 Contemporary Art Center, Izmir, Turkey.
Cer Modern Museum, Ankara, Turquia.
2014 Museo Textil de Oaxaca. Oaxaca, México.

Site specific Installations
2016Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art, Hangzhou, China
2010Fort Da / Sampler a project for the Neutra VDL Research House II
by Santiago Borja with Maddalena Forcella. Los Angeles, California. USA.

Recent exhibitions – Collective
2015 Centro de Las Artes de San Agustín, Vista Hermosa,Oaxaca
2015 Museo Franz Mayer, Ciudad de México
2014 The Fashion and Textile Musuem, London, UK
International Triennial of Tapestry, Lodz , Poland
2011WTA – Bienal Internacional de Arte Textil, Salón gran formato,
México D.F.
2010 Museo Franz Mayer, Mexico D.F. 2010


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