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Sam & Lydia

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Laylo Studio




United States (US)


LAYLO is the studio practice of Sam and Lydia Link.

Founded with the intention of building through the exploration and integration of traditionally siloed crafts, the partners design and independently produce limited edition, functional works in their Chicago workshop using both contemporary and age-old equipment and techniques. Metal fabrication methodologies revolutionized by the last century of industrialization convene with imaginative woven elements and detailed woodwork to culminate in contemporary pieces that span eras and disciplines.

As a result of a dedication to creating their work themselves, Sam and Lydia believe that the objects that arise from their collaboration are imbued with their presence as artisans. Rooted in diligent process, their “slow-cooker” approach to design and manufacturing exists in opposition to the 24/7 production schedule that commands the market environment. As a result, the collection of work is informed by Sam and Lydia’s personal connection to the manual manipulation of material in addition to the time and labor required to bring their vision to fruition.

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