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Studio Lindey Cafsia + Studio Carbon


Lindey Cafsia and Itika Gupta

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Studio Carbon is a design studio, based in the Netherlands and India, that works at the intersection of technology, systems thinking, and storytelling to build solutions for a better future. Our insight-driven process along with a diverse skill-set ensures effective translation of an idea into reality. We offer Product design and development, Interior designs, User Interface & User Experience Design, Branding, Brand Strategy Design, and Systems Design as part of our services.

Studio Lindey Cafsia is a design studio, based in the Netherlands, that focuses on combining bioinspired design with material research, sustainability, and wellbeing of users in autonomous product design and development.

In 2019 we started a collaboration between both studios, in a project called Dungse, where we use cow dung as our base ingredient for research and development of new materials and products for different markets. Cow dung is a material that is extensively used in Indian culture for different purposes in daily life. Each material has a different look and feel and stimulates the senses in ways you would not expect.

The Dungse project arose from the desire to develop our own material, which is beneficial to people and the environment. With a material as versatile as this is we really think that we will accomplish our vision.

Our goal by participating in the exhibition is to introduce the world to our material and stimulate the imagination for all that is still possible with this material.

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Studio Lindey Cafsia + Studio Carbon

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