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A Brazilian Collection by Waldick Jatobá

“I believe every work of art or design, especially collectable design, must show an emotion; must have a strong animistic approach. We need to feel the storytelling behind the creation.” – Waldick Jatobá, curator of “MATERIAL ORIGINS”   View the full “MATERIAL ORIGINS” collection, including Luiza Caldari’s “Iris” Wall Tapestry Reflecting on the contemporary Brazilian…

The Material Language: Connecting through Forms, Colours, & Textures
A Mexican Collection Curated by Pilar Obeso & Ana Elena Mallet⁠

“It is always refreshing to admire how designers translate the richness of ancient materials and techniques into forward-looking pieces. Tradition is timeless and all-around, and the thoughtful work of all of these designers is proof of that.” – Ana Elena Mallet & Pilar Obeso, collection curators View the full collection for “The Material Language”, including…

“Ceci N’est Pas…”:
Belgium at Virtual Design Destination 2020

“The collection started very intuitively from some pieces, which are made out of unconventional materials such as salt, eggshells, stone coal, or discarded marble. I like how these designers turn – at first sight – simple, commonplace materials into high-quality, exclusive products, and how they play with the conventions around value and whether something is…

“The Healing Collection”:
The Netherlands at Virtual Design Desintation 2020

“The common thread is that all of the designers selected are working with different materials in new and unexpected ways. Either through taking traditional processes and techniques and re-thinking the way that they work with those techniques or by completely inventing new materials and techniques in unexpected ways either through technology or by hand.” –…

Poland at Virtual Design Destination 2020

“The ‘New Reality’ for design means a juxtaposition of craft and technology, serial and individual, customised and mass-produced – all of those you can see in the selected items.” – Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, curator of “LIVING OBJECTS” “LIVING OBJECTS” is part of the Virtual Design Destination presented by Adorno at London Design Festival, 12 – 20…