From the Curator

What characterizes your contemporary design community?
Collaborative practices is one of the main characteristics that define our community. By studying and understanding our history we are honouring the past by redefining and reviving a vast variety of amazing craft techniques and beautiful materials. We are very attach to our land and its sources.

Any special traditions/techniques?
Tradition and craftsmanship inspire local designers. Textiles, ceramics, volcanic stones, wood, paper, and leather are just a few of many materials with which designers are experimenting. Our long history with textiles has taken its two-dimensional common shapes into volumetric figures such as chairs, bags, and lamps, just to mention a few.

What is the comprehensive vision that shapes your portfolio?
Pilar and I are very interested in the exchanges between craftsmen and designers. We believe that is one of the most strong bases of Mexican Contemporary Design. We have selected designers working with either rural or urban craft communities that are shaping a new way to approach everyday objects.

How does the work of the designers embody this?
Learning, experimentation, eye on the details and collaboration are present in each one of the Mexican designers profiles in this first collection. Their work reflects what Mexican contemporary design is all about.

How can Adorno contribute in your particular community?
We are still a Design scene in construction, Adorno will help to give international visibility to Mexican Designers and help them also to sell internationally.