From the Curator

The Beirut Collection is a curated snapshot of the free and experimental creator-culture we see flourishing at the moment. Compared to other communities Beirut doesn’t have a clear design heritage which gives space for each maker to design and experiment on their own. Despite that, the craft skills and handmade approach has always been high on the agenda.

Beirut has always been referred to as the city of creative export with many individuals succeeding abroad and partake in shaping other cities with their art and design skills. During the past couple of years, and for the first time in our recent history, the city is experiencing a rise in local independent initiatives and movements wanting to reshape our city to become a more just, tolerant and livable space.

The selection has resulted in a broad variety of unique pieces and limited editions, from up and coming and established designers from the design community of Beirut. The playfulness and the honest reality that the pieces express are interpreting the rough history of the city while visualizing the current state and positive future to come.