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The Spanish design scene is chaotic, energetic, creative, interdisciplinary, contaminated, open-minded, fresh, Mediterranean, contradictory, versatile. Barcelona, in particular, has a long tradition of crafts and industrial design that goes back to the Art Nouveau period, when the city’s creative community had their own version of the movement, with influential figures like Antoní Gaudi. It is a city that has design in its DNA — many of the most interesting designers and architects in the Spanish design scene have been based in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city that has always been very close to France and is open to all external influences.



  • Barcelona-based designer Curro Claret studied Industrial Design at the Escuela Superior of Diseño Elisava,…
  • Jordi Canudas launched his design studio in London in 2007, after graduating from the…
  • Formed by Raúl Arribas and Gonzalo Sanchez de Lollano, Kiwi Bravo is a Barcelona-based…
  • Martín Azúa is a Basque designer who has been working in Barcelona since 1994. A…
  • Apparatu is a design studio, pottery workshop and family business based in Barcelona. This…

Adorno Design Guide: Destination Barcelona

Explore Barcelona through the eyes of ADORNO curator Ana Domínguez Siemens