Collector FAQ

When you buy a design piece on Adorno Platform you buy the piece directly from the designer. Adorno is only facilitating the transaction between the designer and the buyer.

When a buyer orders a design piece the price is charged from the credit card of the buyer by Adorno. After the design piece is delivered to the buyer, and the the return right (return policy) has expired the payment of the transaction is transferred to the bank account of the designer.

When a design piece is not in stock you can order the piece if they are “MADE TO ORDER”. Here the price (total amount of the piece) is redrawn from the account of the buyer by Adorno, and 50% is transferred to the bank account of the designer immediately. The remaining 50% is transferred to the designer after the piece has been delivered to the buyer. The immediate transfer of 50% will allow the designer cover all or a share of the manufacturing costs.

Since the design pieces are sold by the designers directly to the buyers it is the individual designers or design studios, which holds the product liability of the pieces sold. Adorno only facilitate the design transactions between buyers and designers, and can not be held liable for the pieces sold.

The prices included the manufacturing costs, the salary of the designer, the service fee of Adorno and the local VAT of the country, or the state where the designer is registered and is doing business.

The shipping services the buyers of Adorno platform can choose between are all integrated into the platform. When a buyer adds a design piece to cart he/she will be presented to shipping service offered, and can then choose the preferred shipment solution. The buyer will pay for both the shipping cost and the design piece at checkout.

Yes, the design pieces are all insured during shipment, from the time the designer hands over the design piece to the shipping provider delivers the design piece at the location of the buyer.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the conditions of the design piece upon delivery. If a piece is damaged, the buyer must contact Adorno within 3 days from receiving the piece by sending an email to [email protected]

During shipment all pieces are insured. Damages inflicted during shipment will therefore neither be at the cost of the designer or the buyer. It is  crucial, however,  that the buyer contact Adorno within three days after the piece has been received in case of damages.

If a piece is damaged at delivery, the buyer has the right have it repaired, or receive a new design piece, or cancel the purchase for a full refund of the total cost.

As part of accepting the Adorno Designer Agreement the designers commit them selves to comply with the return policies of the jurisdiction their business is registered.

The return right of the individual pieces can be fund at the page of the pieces on Adorno Platform.

Any return rights of the buyers is counted from the date of delivery.  Thus, if a designer is registered within the EU the return right is 14 days counted from the date of delivery (at the time when the design piece is handed over to the buyer).

If the buyer simply has changed his/her mind it is the buyer that is required to pay the return shipment. However, if the buyer has received a different piece then the one ordered, or that the piece does not fulfill the required quality standards the designer will pay for the additional shipping costs.

As part of accepting the Adorno Designer Agreement the designers commit them selves to comply with the warranty policy of the jurisdiction where their business is located. Thus, the warranty policies of the jurisdiction where the designer is located will be applicable for the design piece you have purchased.

When you purchase a design piece abroad you will be importing the design piece into the country  where you are located. Depending on the policies of customs, duties and VAT of the country you are located you may be liable for customs and excise duty as well as VAT payments.

No, it should not possible. The designers of Adorno International Design Collaboration commit themselves by agreeing to the Adorno Design Agreement not to sell their design pieces to a lower price elsewhere.